I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who enjoys working from home. Not only do I feel balanced and more productive in both my work and home life, but it simplifies and breaks up the 9–5 routine. It allows me to be more creative and strategic. I’ve solved more problems while walking the dog, than staring at my computer screen under the fluorescent lights.  

Nevertheless, going into the office makes me feel connected to my work community and fills my social bucket. I love popping by a colleagues’ desk for a quick chat or grabbing lunch in the bustling cafeteria. It’s all about striking a balance, right? 

However, right now in the world, many of us are working from home 24/7. So, adapting to new ways of working and communicating is a challenge. Here are some tips for when you’re remote: 

  1. Stay on schedule. When you work from home, sometimes it’s a challenge to get up and motivated. Structure your day similarly, as if you were going into the office.  
  2. Get yourself ready to start the day. Take a shower, brush your teeth and change out of your PJs. It really makes a difference on how you approach your WFH day.  
  3. Set boundaries. Set up a spot where you can minimize distractions and get into work mode. Have a designated workspace and let others know when you’re working.  
  4. Give yourself a break. Downtime is key, so schedule breaks in your calendar. During the time you used to commute, go for a walk. Give yourself a reason to get up, get out and move. 
  5.  Keep everyone in the loop. Set your online status to let people know when you’re unavailable and give out your cell phone number if you need to be reached.   
  6.  Disconnect at the end of the day. When it’s quitting time, put your work away. Since you don’t have a commute to decompress, use that time to power down and relax.