With many of us sitting at a desk for at least 8 hours a day, the chair you pick is the most important part of your set up! But where should you start? With so many factors from style to comfort, it can be overwhelming. So, we went to our very own chair expert, Dillon Shepard, project specialist for Chairs and Desks in Retail Furniture for Staples.



Why chairs? What makes you so interested in them?

Chairs are so diverse! They can make or break a workday and a good chair just makes every day easier. Comfort, ergonomics, and aesthetic are exciting when they all work together.


How do you know it’s time for a chair upgrade?

A chair will let you know typically when it’s time for an upgrade. Chair slowly sinking during the day? Leather flaking off your chair? Seat sunken and feel like you’re sitting right on the springs? It’s time for an upgrade


Can you share some of your top chair picks for WFH/ the hybrid future of work?

There are many factors that can make a chair a top pick for WFH and the hybrid future of work. Ergonomics, style, and comfort are really what to look for when thinking about the longevity of your WFH chair. It really depends on the person!


The all33

This chair belongs in anyone’s home if I’m being honest. It’s a unique piece, that’s for sure, but it brings the benefits of ergonomics that will change how you sit for the better.



The Beutyrest DuoEX

A phenomenal chair for anyone who likes the mesh aesthetic and breathability. This chair was built to move and flex while providing ergonomic support at a good price. It’s a great middle ground for comfort and ergonomics with the benefit of the sleek silhouette.



The Razer Iskur

Super sleek aesthetic, incredible adjustable lumbar support, and overall comfort for those long days working or gaming. It can also transition your work-from-home station into your gaming station once the sun goes down.



The Velvet Chair

And if you’re an insta star, or just aspire to be one, a velvet chair aesthetic can really round out your office. They look great, feel great, and come in two trendy colors.



Okay, we’re intrigued. Tell us more! Why is the All33 unique?

The all33 BackStrong is amazing. Sit in it once and you’ll be able to tell why. The all33 helps naturally improve your posture with the sit-in technology. The bucket design of the seat freely rotates to immediately adjust to your body’s position to align your spine however you sit.


And Beautyrest, we know that brand from mattresses. Why does it make a great chair?

Well one thing Beautyrest is known for is comfort. They have countless years of experience developing comfortable foam. They have created some incredible chairs in recent years, and this is the chair to look for. Full ergonomics and Beautyrest comfort are a perfect match.


Gamers want to know, what sets this chair apart?

The Razer Iskur chair has some amazing gaming aesthetics with an innovative lumbar support system. The Iskur is a gamer chair through and through.


And the velvet chair…now that’s style. Why else do you love it?

I think the trendy velvet and the colorful base bring personality and color to a workstation to keep your office upbeat and bring joy whenever you sit down to work. Morale is a big part of continuing the workday from home and having a good-looking chair can give a subconscious boost.


Time for a fun speed round. Give each a nickname or describe it in 3 words or less. Go!

All33: Life changing, Supportive, Back-saving


Beautyrest: Comfortable, Thoughtful, Ergo!


Razer Gaming Chair: Sleek, Lumbar, Versatile


Velvet chair (A.K.A. The Beauty: Gorgeous, Colorful, Aesthetic


We have to ask: What chair would we normally find you sitting in and why?

Alright, here’s the deal. You’d find me sitting in an ergo chair, likely our Dexley. I’m all about back support because it really improves the quality of life when working. I’d say the Dexley is perfect because it has it all in my eyes. The DuoEx is my next bet, but I only have so much room in my office! The Dexley has a mesh back and mesh seat which just has a step up when it comes to breathability. Combine that with the ergonomics and headrest and it is a no brainer for me. I’m a gamer at heart, though and I always have my eye on the next trend and that Razer chair is SLEEK.


Anything else you want to share?

We talk a lot about chairs and ergonomics, but desks are an important portion to ergonomics that people don’t understand. The height of your desk, position of your monitors, and keyboard all contribute to a comfortable workday.


Where can someone try out all these great chairs and see other furniture solutions?

This is a trick question, right? Is there any other place? I think not. Staples is the go-to to find knowledgeable associates to help find the right chair and desk for you, and the best selection for the total home office solution!