When you’re organized, it’s that “anything is possible” kind of feeling. And this year? We’re taking tidy to a whole new level with organization all-stars from mess managers to tech tamers — all designed to help you take on everything 2022 has headed your way. More productive, less stress, extra confidence. Now that’s a new you you can look forward to.

Hit reset on your space


First thing’s first: define and declutter. Establish a strong, distraction-free space for a foundation of optimal mental energy and focus. Things like aesthetic storage and a few furniture upgrades can go a long way for renewed motivation going into the new year.

Make room for fresh ideas

Fold-Down Desk

A space-saving workstation to make the most of each and every square foot.

Mobile Workstation

A briefcase that transforms into a portable office when you’re on the go.

Rumi Wireless Charging Light

A home base for all your daily devices so you’re always at 100%.

Put your best business forward


Small organizational changes can mean big results for your business. We have smart, easy-to-implement solutions made to set up your team for success, boost productivity and grow with your ever-evolving business needs.


File Organizer Tote


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Get the shopping list


Want to get more organized, but don’t know where to start? We did the legwork for you! Download the Staples Connect™ app and discover a curated list of the best items to get you decluttered, destressed and ready to get things done.


Plus the app will show you what’s in stock at your local store, so you’ll find exactly what you need, every time.

6 tidy tech tips


Smart ways to keep all your devices under control.


  • Designate a space. Store devices in a single location when not in use.
  • Coordinate colors. Pick all white or black cords for aesthetic appeal.
  • Have them always within reach. Use weighted or sticky cord holders.
  • Get ‘em in line. Align cords single file or use a multi-cord organizer.
  • Consolidate cords. Opt for an all-in-one wireless charging station.
  • Never lose. Attach Tile Mate tracker to those easy-to-lose devices.

Discover new ways to organize


Those of us that live in a small apartment or home already know the struggle of trying to fit everything you own into that space. Now, as many of us face the challenge of working from home, we must make room for a suitable workstation as well.

Author -Staples Spotlight
Staples Spotlight
Oct 1
4 min read


If there is anything I have learned in the last 4 1/2 years juggling motherhood and running a business, it’s being intentional with time and staying organized are the most important keys to staying productive and on track with any workload.

Author -Desiree Siegfried
Desiree Siegfried
Jun 23
3 min read


Zoom fatigue from back-to-back meetings. The “always on” feature of 24/7 internet access and connection to anyone. Feeling like a slave to, vs. a master of your phone, laptop, or tablet. The seemingly endless to-do lists and projects, and your energy and attention being pulled in different directions. Any one or a combination of these circumstances can lead us to mental and physical depletion or burning out.

Author -Chris Vasiliadis
Chris Vasiliadis
Jul 23
5 min read

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