More than ready for back to school

Back to school means back to friends, back to teachers, back to structure - back to fun! We’ve got your back with inspiration to make learning fun. Create wow-worthy study spaces, explore the benefits of art, and more. 

Back to friends IRL

Here's to hallway hangouts, making memories with friends, and cool new gear that shows off your personal style. (Plus fun locker accessories to make your space totally you.)

Give your back a break with BackPal

Pack more in with ease. BackPal uses compression technology to turn an unbalanced, overweight bag into an ergonomically sound experience. Sibling duo Deja and Canyon invented BackPal for fellow students.

Dedicated spaces for learning and play

Try hands-on learning to build new skills

Looking to boost learning? A multi-sensory approach may be the key to helping kids stay engaged and motivated. In fact, hands-on learning can foster confidence, momentum and ultimately success while keeping the joy in learning for kids. 


Discover hands-on learning from an expert

Try hands-on learning to build new skills

Art puts the "A" in STEAM! Studies show art helps students be more well-rounded and strengthens creative thinking in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math).

Activities that boost creativity for every age and stage

Learn colors, numbers and letters

Combine learning and play with three easy at-home crafts. Kids learn colors, numbers, letters and matching with these DIY learning tools they'll love to pick up again and again.

Construction for little engineers

Get hands-on with this DIY alligator that young kids can construct and then use for storage. It's easy, adorable and helps develop fine motor skills while kids build.

Explore light and shadow with paint

Calling all budding artists! Learn about light and shadow as you paint a beautiful flower. Step-by-step instructions make it fun for everyone, from middle school to all grown up!

Great ways to give back to teachers

Teachers make a difference every day. Give them an extra special thanks for going above and beyond to help kids learn, grow and LOL.


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Top 5 essentials for teachers

Great ways to give back to teachers

Get more than ready with our Back to School Possibilities guide

Find fresh ideas and inspiration to make it your best school year yet. Download our free Back to School 2021 Possibilities guide featuring top supply picks, helpful learning tips, kid-friendly activities and more.


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Get more than ready with our Back to School Possibilities guide