Have a safe trip

Whenever you’re ready to head out on a business trip or plan a family vacation, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

On your way: Airplane Pockets

Stretch this washable cover over your tray table for a clean storage and eating surface solution.

When you arrive: Stow-N-Go Hanging Travel Organizer

Skip the hotel drawers. Just fill, pack and hang this portable luggage system to keep items organized and sanitary.

3 health hacks for travel

  1. Exercise to boost your immune system. It’s not the time for illnessfighting cells to take a vacation.
  2. Sleep well to reduce stress and keep memory sharp. Don’t want to forget that passport!
  3. Pack smart snacks so you aren’t forced to eat just anything (and everything) that’s around.

Thinking of Traveling?

Professional speaker and frequent traveler Andy Saks shares what you need to know before you go.

Tools for the future of work

Today your office is everywhere. Your dining room. A coffee shop. A hotel lobby. And Staples has the innovative tools you need to stay connected, productive and engaged wherever you’re working or running your business.

Visit your local Staples store to see and experience the latest innovative solutions.

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