Productive on the go, go, go

In the life of a digital nomad, the possibilities are endless. Especially when your workspace fits comfortably on your shoulder. 

Monday: team huddle from home.

Tuesday: biz trip by train.

Thursday: cafe to start the day.



Mobile Work Station

Set up an office on the go. Provides a level of privacy and clean working space.


Made to travel


  • Folding side panels for privacy
  • No need to unpack, just unfold and boot up
  • Plenty of space for all your cords, cables and supplies


Public Wi-Fi protection

Keep your devices safe anywhere you’re working with Virus Shield Protection Plus Premium.


  • VPN access
  • Identity theft protection 
  • Up to $1 million in coverage


Diagnostic and recovery services required if buying for an existing PC.



Tools for the future of work

Today your office is everywhere. Your dining room. A coffee shop. A hotel lobby. And Staples has the innovative tools you need to stay connected, productive and engaged wherever you’re working or running your business.

Visit your local Staples store to see and experience the latest innovative solutions.

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