Take a load off with the BackPal

Your workload doesn’t have to feel as heavy as it looks. The BackPal uses compression technology to turn an unbalanced, overweight bag into an ergonomically sound experience. It also fits virtually all backpacks and is designed for everyone from students to professionals.

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Designed by students, for students

Sibling duo Deja and Canyon invented the Backpal as a solution to the back pain they and their classmates were tired of experiencing.

Deja and Canyon's invention advanced to the final stages of the first-ever Staples Connect Breakthrough Project, designed to accelerate the path to market for small businesses and entrepreneurs by providing an opportunity to be featured in Staples Connect stores.

Whether you’re heading to school, work or on a trip, BackPal makes traveling with a heavy bag a breeze. Simply place the BackPal inside your backpack and adjust the size of the expandable straps to the appropriate size. Innovated to distribute the contents of your bag closer to the center of gravity and your own mass, the expandable straps create a counter weight to all your books, folders and supplies.  

Everything in one place

Fit what you need to stay productive with the various pockets — everything from notebooks, folders, and laptops to water bottles, pencils and binders. The four internal pockets allow you to load the heaviest items in the top pocket and the lightest items in the bottom pocket.  

The rigid back creates a pocket that allows for safety of electronics, and it adds to the support of the posterior portion of the original backpack. It's also incredibly efficient. It eases any strain put on your back and allows you to carry the same load for a longer period of time - no matter how far you have to go. 

Less strain, more gain.

Gain your posture back. This simple yet innovative technology redistributes the weight of your heaviest items across your shoulders, back and hips making it easier to walk without strain. Plus, stay organized with the generous pockets that fit everything from textbooks and laptops to notebooks and supplies. The best part? It fits nicely in any backpack and is perfect for all ages.  

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Welcome to the future of learning. Whether you want to hit the books with tools that help you or your kids learn in style, explore activities that engage or resources that inspire bold thinking, we’ve got the solutions to keep everyone thriving from classrooms to living rooms.

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