Kids & Teen Blue Light-Blocking Glasses, for when screen time is all the time

Reduce eyestrain and headaches with Blue Light-Blocking Glasses for Kids & Teens from Smart Screen.


Wellness tip, take a time out

Nonstop work hurts your mental and physical health. Move. Breathe. Then get back at it.

Blue light is all around us, from the sun outside, to the fluorescent and LED light bulbs in our homes, schools and work, and the digital devices we interact with daily.  


It’s important for regulating our sleep/wake cycle, but too much blue light in the evening can make it difficult to sleep and can cause eye strain, and even damage to the retina.  

The answer is right before your eyes

Smart Screen Blue Light Blocking Glasses are cosmetically clear with Blue Light filtering technology in the polycarbonate lens. They filter out 3x more blue light than the industry standard clear plastic lens, protecting your eyes from the most damaging light rays.   

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In recent years, the term “blue light” has been popping up everywhere. With screen exposure on the rise due to more and more time spent on electronic devices (computers during the day and phones in our downtime), Americans have increased their blue light exposure. But what is blue light and is it causing us harm?

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