Get body and mind, aligned with the all33 BackStrong C1 Chair
Perfect posture? Check. Healthy movement? Check. Uber comfortable? Check. The All33 BackStrong chair is your slouch-proof, circulation-stimulating, back healing station, keeping your body strong and your mind focused.

Designed by a world-renowned chiropractor and a luxury chair designer, this revolutionary chair was featured on Shark Tank and has been endorsed by celebrities around the world, from Justin Bieber to Cindy Crawford. 

Find small (space) joy with the Convertible Wall-Mount Desk
If there’s a wall, there’s a way. Just mount your desk, pull up a chair and add some personal touches. Tip: mount it higher for a standing workstation.

Dial up efficiency with a productivity cube


Zone in or zen out? To be your most productive, creative, healthiest, calmest self, just pick your time and wait for the beep. Unlike a phone alarm, there are no apps or texts to distract you. 


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Expand your view with the MobilePixels TRIO Max
When your monitor has a monitor, you can dream bigger and be more productive on-the-go. From a coffee shop to the field to a gaming mission, enjoy more space for work or play.

From the minds of MIT and Northeastern graduates and brought to you by The Staples Connect Breakthrough Project.

Style to lean on with the Ladder Desk and Bookshelf
A ladder desk takes small space organization to new heights. Pair it with a matching bookcase for extra storage and a unified look.
Get powered up on the bright side with this LED Wireless Charging Light
Switch on the solutions with our LED Wireless Charging Light. Connect and charge your phone, watch and airpods wherever you work and create.
Dial up productivity with the Logi K480 Multi-device keyboard
Move effortlessly between up to three devices with this wireless keyboard that includes a convenient cradle for your tablet and phone. Bluetooth connectivity reaches up to 30 feet!

Inspiration to fuel your imagination

Whether you're finding your remote working sweet spot, launching a side hustle, or learning in bold new ways, get inspired this spring with ideas that prepare you to take on tomorrow.

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