Get body and mind, aligned with the all33 BackStrong C1 Chair
Make a move, naturally, with the all33 BackStrong Chair. Designed to improve posture, reduce pain, and enhance well-being — just by sitting. No matter how you move, sit, swivel or reach, the Sit In Motion® Technology induces a tilt in your pelvis that stacks your vertebrae into a comfortable and ideal position. Its bucket seat is designed to keep you from getting stuck — physically and mentally.

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When two worlds collide

Chiropractor Dr. Dennis Colonello and Industrial Designer Jim Grove spent years researching, prototyping and testing the first true innovation in chair technology in the past 3,000 years. Tired of seeing patients return with painful, chronic conditions caused by their office chairs, Dr. Colonello approached Jim Grove with the idea for a chair that prevented health issues before they developed. Together, they spent five years designing and manufacturing the BackStrong for a better, healthier future for all.

Boost productivity. Increase energy levels and better your blood flow. Improve back and core strength. These are just a few key benefits of active sitting the all33 BackStrong C1 Chair provides. While traditional chairs lock the pelvis in place, resulting in the host of health problems that comes with sitting still, all33’s patented Sit In Motion® Technology allows for natural movement so your spine can stack in the same way it does when you walk.  


Whether you sit for hours or minutes, the chair moves with you for an easy, comfortable and painless experience every time. 


Sit back and enjoy the benefits

Us vs. Them

 •  Unique and Patented Sit In Motion® Technology improves health through movement   

 • “Bottom Up” motion designed to relieve crucial pressure points throughout your spine and body   

 •  Creates ideal posture 

Built with care


•  Soft high-grade vegan leather upholstery 

•  Foldaway arms allow you to move closer to your work for reduced eye strain 

•  Pneumatic seat-height adjustment 

•  360-degree swivel 

•  Smooth-rolling casters 

•  Assembly instructions included. (It's easy - takes less than 10 minutes)

•  60-day money back guarantee



Find your perfect fit with a convenient seat-height lever, tilt tension adjustment, and tilt lock.



The  all33 BackStrong C1 Chair is 100% recyclable. You can replace  each component yourself, which means your chair will last a lifetime. 


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