Get powered up on the bright side with this LED Wireless Charging Light
From your desk to your side table, the Rumi LED desk lamp charges your smart devices, lights up the room and tells time—all on one stylish space-saving station.

SKU#: 24463559 


Organizing your space helps relieve stress

Replace clutter with objects you love, get organized and clear away the clutter in your room so you can sleep longer and deeper at night.

The Rumi Lighting LED lamp is small but mighty. From wirelessly charging smartphones, smartwatches and wireless headsets and setting an alarm on a stylish digital clock to selecting various LED light modes, this multi-functional station is perfect for home or office. 
The digital clock has 12/24 hour display formats, alarm and date setting modes. Setup is easy — simply press the control buttons on the side or engage with the touch screen to adjust brightness or turn it on/off. A 10W integrated LED light provides three different modes that best suit your mood. 

All the bright features
There are many features to spotlight:

• Dimmable light to set the mood 
•Touchable switch for convenience 
•Digital clock with an alarm to wake you up 
•Portable charging case and wireless charging for smartphones, smartwatches and wireless headsets 


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