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Inspiring WFH Spaces

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Creating an Inspiring WFH Space: An Interview with Stylist Layla Gunning
Using the Psychology of Color in Your Home Office


Using the Psychology of Color in Your Home Office

Using the Psychology of Color in Your Home Office

It’s January of 2021 and many Americans are hunkering down and preparing for a long winter season of working or learning from home, not exactly where any of us thought we’d be at this point. While being home certainly has its advantages- cozy pajamas from 9-5 and more time with family and pets- working in the same surrounding day in day out can be draining, especially if your space is lacking in inspiration. If your reading this slumped over on a couch amidst clutter and close to distractions (TV), now is the time to create the home office, or study space, of your dreams.

Step by Step Guide: DIY WFH Pop-Up Box